Tuesday, August 16, 2011

sad day

Garrett left today.

It was sad.

But it was so fun having him here to visit! I had a lil craft buddy, a legit reason to skip out on work for almost a week, and someone to just hang out with while Braeden was at orientation stuff all day. Plus he made me laugh. Also, he gave me good fashion advice and his mere presence made me want to wear more than just jeans and white t-shirts, which is quite a feat these days.

Plus, before he left, he finished (one) moccasin!
 We also took some pictures at the airport. We look eerily alike with our glasses (but mine are real).
And here we are, sad, because he's leaving.
And here's a creepy picture of him as he's walking away.
Garrett John Dalton Elton, GJ, or JD for short (but not really), we miss you already. You and your love of Planet of the Apes movies: both.


Autumn said...

Wow, this has to be a sibling. Y'all are too cute together!

Cassandra said...

Awe, thanks! Yeah, it's my youngest brother (and "maid of honor"). This was his first visit out other than the wedding and it was so fun just hang out: a great break before school started for sure.