Monday, August 29, 2011

jobs and slaves: slave jobs?

Today I applied for a second job at the library writing the alumni newsletter for the School of Library and Information Science. I would be working between 6-10 hours a week and getting paid $10 an hour. I'd still keep my job in the Conservation Lab, just cut down my hours (students can't work more than 20 a week) so it would be a nice balance. The sad part? Last year this newsletter job was a paid appointment so the student received a salary. But not this year: this year it's just another hourly position. Times are tough. Even so, keep a good thought for me to get this job, since the last job I applied for was a bust, despite my best efforts.

In other news, before writing this blog post I asked Braeden if he would please get my computer for me (and some chips? and some water? and maybe some chocolate chips...?). He laughed because we were snuggled up and I didn't want to let him actually get up to do these things, but I also didn't want to get up to do them either. We both decided that would be the reason for us to have kids: to get us stuff. "You are our slaves! That's why we existed you!" Braeden exclaimed triumphantly (and promised to tell our children regularly once they are old enough to fill the slave roll). Just as the Lord intended.


Jen said...

A couple of other uses for kids:

1. Basketball or other sports team
2. Circus act
3. Pillows (albeit wiggly ones)
4. Miniature clones of you
5. Sailing crew
6. Science experiments
7. Economic stimulus
8. Reason for friends to visit

Just a thought.

They call me Lou said...

Dear Cassandra,

It has been FAR too long since we've chatted. This post was awesome. Also, I need to come meet Braeden...when next I am in your neck of the woods. Lastly, Chaela gets home this thursday. No big deal (big deal).