Tuesday, April 26, 2011

fiscal fast: day two

Today was a little harder.

We had my friend Dave Buck and his wife Zannah over for lunch (they stopped by road tripping from Georgia to Utah). Braeden and I made our famous pizza, which was no big deal since we had planned on making it so we bought all the necessary ingredients when we went grocery shopping last week (though, to be honest, we had most of the stuff on hand anyway). PLUS it was so great to finally meet Zannah and to see Dave again. We had a really great time chatting with them today and, since they'll be joining us in the midwest for Dave's MBA program, we made plans to do midwest-y things with them sometime in the near future. You know, like after the craziness that is our wedding is over and we can think about other things again.

But back to the money issue.

When I went to my bookbinding class tonight we were talking about our carousel books that are due next week and after determining that magnets would be the best closing mechanism for my particular book I realized that I hadn't ordered any magnets and if I wait until next week they won't get here in time. I could talk to one of the girls in the class who has already bought a pack of magnets and see if I could borrow some and pay her back next week, but that's kind of cheating since it's basically asking someone else to buy something for me this week instead of me buying it (against the rules) OR I could figure something out with some magnets I already have (though they're not as strong as the ones my teacher recommended we buy) but if I use paper instead of book cloth it will probably be fine. ...AND that probably didn't really make sense to anyone but me, but it was a financial decision I had to work out.

I also got paid today and as I looked at my bank account I realized that now I have enough money to catch up on my rent (my landlords are pretty lenient, what can I say?). I was itching to pay the bill right away, but I realized that that money isn't going anywhere and I can take care of it next week just as easily. It's already a month late: what's one more week?

Conclusion? Money is a bigger part of life than I thought. It can sort of sneak up on you sometimes.

PS Braeden has no thoughts to add to this summary, although he notes that the car is getting a little low on gas: he asserts that we will NOT break our fiscal fast to buy any. Wish us luck!!!

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