Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Day one of clothing freedom! It is December first so the bet is officially over. The strangest part to me still? Not a single person who didn't know about the bet commented on the fact that I wore the exact same clothes every single day. For an entire month. Here I was, wearing absurd clothing, the SAME absurd clothing, for 30 days in a row and not a single person even hinted at noticing. Iowans are either way nicer or way spacier than I even knew.

The freedom of choice to wear whatever my little heart desired was not as paralyzing as I was afraid it would be. I thought for sure that it would take me like an hour to pick out what to wear now that I didn't have the default uniform to throw on. Surprisingly that wasn't the case. I think part of what eased my transition back into self-dressing was the fact that I had bought several pairs of shoes and a few items of clothing during my uniform tenure that I was excited to wear (the pants, jacket, and shoes I wore today fall into that category) and I'd had plenty of time to construct a great outfit that I was excited to have a chance to wear.

The uniform experience also helped remind me that people on the whole don't care what you wear, as long as you're wearing something. It gave me the confidence to wear whatever I felt comfortable wearing without worrying what people might think. It's a rather liberating experience, believe you me. You should try it some time. Just put on whatever clothes you like. Don't worry if they match. My friend Billy calls that being Indie. I call it being awesome.


Erica said...

The outfit you put together looks fantastic, but I gotta say...I think I'm partial to the November uniform.

They call me Lou said...

Both of your outfits are ridiculous, but for different reasons :)

Braeden said...

You know I was supportive. But I'm so glad the uniform is gone. The flannel and tie-dye together got old.

Autumn Lynn said...

Okay, that is amazing you wore the hippie outfit for an entire month.