Monday, November 22, 2010

i miss your face

Yesterday Braeden and I skyped for the first time. (The first time with each other, that is: as an avid live-er-abroad-er I've become quite the skyping expert.) It looked a little something like this:

Ignore the strange coloring that makes Braeden look like a ghost and my hair look like carrots and you can see that we are in love. Cute.

I get to see him tomorrow. That will be even cuter.

PS Before Saturday we hadn't gone a single day without seeing each other since the end of September. This has been a long weekend for us both...


Autumn Lynn said...

I know how this feels. I think I am going to die when Devin goes on his internship this winter for 10 weeks even with weekend fly outs.

Erin Podolak said...

Vomit. You aren't going to be all in love all over the place when we hang out on Saturday are you? Just kidding, I'm very happy for you amiga :)

pieface said...

your hair shouldn't look like carrots but should definitely smell like them. It's very earthy and soothing.

Portland is very earthy and soothing.