Saturday, November 13, 2010

dear universe

Dear Universe,

I have been neglecting you lately and for this I am very sorry. I have no real excuse, since, while I have been a bit busy, it never takes as much time as I think it will to write a quick blog post. As an apology I offer you this series of photographs to give you a brief glimpse into my life of the recent and less recent past (I'd like to give you pictures of the future but technology hasn't advanced quite that far yet, dear readers...):

Me smashing an old computer with a sledge hammer for decoration at Zombie Prom. Jacob brought over a bunch of stuff they were throwing out at the pawn shop and we had a smashing party. It was quite satisfying.
The finished product. No big deal.
The watermelon brain I carved for Zombie Prom. (Check out the inspiration at Instructables.)
Zombie Gloria (EFY counselor), Me (mad scientist), and Sarah (gypsy). Terrifying! Also that face paint was super hard to get right. Initially it just looked like I had put foundation on since it evened out the tone of my skin and matched the color of my neck. Really? Really.
Braeden, Jarrod, Gloria, and I went to The Weepies concert when they came to Iowa City on Oct 26th. It completed me. The opening artist was this guy named Matt the Electrician who was also amazing and between the two of us Braeden and I bought all 3 of his albums that were for sale. Both he and The Weepies are amazing and you (yes YOU!) should check them out.
Somehow almost all of my regular-type shoes are brown. Normal things.
Remember this book? Well I finally finished it! (Sorry it took so long, Shannon!) I think it came out rather nicely, though of course there are always things that I think I could have done better. Blerg. But for my first project of this ilk I think it went rather well.
The inside end papers. Beautiful!
The inside text. Looks pretty much the same, but is framed by the new lovely pink covers. Hooray!
I have wanted an armchair of my own for almost as long as I can remember. Sadly all the sweet vintage ones I'd been able to find (and even the not sweet vintage ones) were all like 80 bucks. What? Well today I stumbled upon this gem for only $17. I am in love. I bought it. Braeden and I did our best to load it up into my tiny hatch back (we ended up pinning it with the hatch back door and used a cord I conveniently had in my glove compartment to secure it, then drove slowly back to the Grape Escape). I sit in it now as I blog to you, dear universe. And I am in love.
I hope this makes up for my neglect. I will try to be more diligent in the future, though there is this boy I've been dating recently and he takes up an awful lot of my time. Though days are coming soon (aka Friday) where I won't be seeing him as often as I have been (since I am flying home for Thanksgiving and he won't be joining me until the far away following Tuesday) so perchance we will have more time to catch up then.

With love,

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pieface said...

The universe sent me to let you know that your offering has been accepted. Also - cool about the boy meeting the fam. That will be fun (right?).

The universe lives in Portland.