Saturday, September 11, 2010

corn fed

This week and last week there were University of Iowa home football games and my neighbors, the Hartleys, hand out pregame programs printed by the Daily Iowan, the local newspaper, at every home game. Last week they asked me if I could help out since one of their kids would be gone, and I said sure! I had so much fun (and told them so) and they asked me to help out again this week too. I was pretty stoked—did I mention that I'm getting paid 40 bucks for 2 hours of work?

Last week I passed out the programs in the parking lot where people park and take the shuttle to the stadium and it was pretty tame. Lots of families, older couples, post-college aged groups of people. Everyone was really polite (literally every single person who I handed a program to said thank you) and it was pretty chill. I didn't hand out all my papers, but I was there for 2 hours before the game started, and after the game started when the shuttles stopped running there wasn't much I could do about it. This week I stood a different corner by the stadium. Both Aaron and his mom warned me that things could get a little crazy there, that "it's not BYU" and things like that. I steeled myself for the worst: slobbering drunk people all over the place, people shouting obscenities at me, knocking me over, creepy guys hitting on me, things like that. I was ready.

Nope. Oh there were drunk people, obscenities shouted between State and U of I fans, and people tripping along due to high levels of alcohol ingested, but even slobbering drunk Iowans are the most polite people around.

I love it here.

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