Thursday, September 2, 2010

cake, anyone?

I didn't get ready for the day until 3:00 pm today. No big deal. But it's ok because I made this:
A cake box book! I've been needing a planner and since I make books I figured what better way to show off my skills than by making my own?
I used bakery-type string for the thread that I had from my visit to Mike's Pastry in Boston a few months ago. I thought it went well with the cake theme.
The title page! I used a photo tool to smudge out my address and phone number for safety reasons. You know. But I really liked the script I came up with so I wanted to show you some of it.
I hand stamped all of this. I really like the way the pages look, but I wish the paper was a little thicker so you wouldn't be able to see the stamps on the next page, too. The "S" in the right hand corner is for September.
The "O" is for October.
I stamped pages up through December, but then stopped because I was ready for a break—it was a surprising about of work. I worked on this all morning, but it was worth it because I like how it turned out. Also it gave me an excuse to stay in my pjs almost all day. Win win.

PS Don't forget to follow and comment for a chance to win a book of your own! Also, if you have an AOL screen name or email address, the option you choose to sign in with (scroll down to step 3 here) is AIM. (Thanks for the clarifying question, Mom!) If anyone else has any questions about how this all works feel free to email me at cassandra (dot) elton (at) gmail (dot) com. Hope to hear from you soon!

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Anonymous said...

This calendar book looks good enough to eat!