Monday, September 6, 2010

books books books books

Tonight for FHE I was in charge of the activity. So what did we do? Made books of course! I found these great instructions online that illlustrate how to make what Esther and I call InstaBooks but what is perhaps more commonly known as an origami book so you can make your own books too!
For the activity I brought a bunch of paper that had already been printed on one side (a great use for it since this project hides the printed side), a bunch of rubber stamps, and a few example books: it was a blast! Everyone really had a good time writing stories, letters home, or just playing around. One of the things I really like about this book form (besides the fact that it uses a single sheet of paper and no glue or thread) is that after you make it you can flatten it out and photocopy as many as you would like! It's a great format for a mini-zine or even birthday invitations or menus, anything you'd need multiples of.

A little while ago I made a lovely mini-insta book using my typewriter, rubber stamps, a fine-tipped sharpie pen (which I am in love with) and my own finger prints. I will share this book with you now. Enjoy.

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My Worthless Degree said...

LOL This entry has won my undying devotion to this blog. I must also say that I enjoy the thought of unicorns much more now that I know they are racist and violent against other mythical creatures.