Wednesday, August 25, 2010

this is the place

Day 2, still going strong. I ran a bunch of rather unexciting errands this morning, ate all 3 meals, went to class, then institute, than a Relief Society thing. Brought cookies over to the neighbors. Began research into the bus route. Started to make some friends. The house is clean and it makes me happy. I already feel right at home. Although I spent most of the morning alone (running errands doesn't really count because there were no meaningful conversations that took place) I didn't get lonely. I am trying to teach myself that when I get tired I need to sleep though. Which is why this post is short. I need to find a good time to write because I want to be blogging more regularly, especially because I'm so far away from family and friends so I figure I should give the people what they want. (Memories of Carter emailing me while I was in Ecuador asking, nay, begging me to blog are running through my head right now.) So I suppose all you need to know is that I know I'm in the right place. I know this because I don't feel as if there is any place else I should be instead. Iowa and The Grape Escape already feel like home.

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