Tuesday, August 10, 2010

one time, i was in london...

Day 3 in London. Highlights so far:
  • Kensington Palace—underconstruction, so we saw this cool interactive modern art museum exhibit thing called the 7 Sleeping Princesses. Loved it.
  • Lunch at the Hard Rock!—original restaurant, no big deal.
  • London Towers
  • Trafalgar Square—climbing lions and crab-walking picture taking
  • Double-decker bus tour on probably the only sunny day we'll see while we're here
  • Getting locked out of my hotel room at night in my pjs—thanks, Brin.
  • Learning how to cross streets again: who knew the left/right flip flop would be so confusing?
  • Portabello Road shopping—wooden type galore!!!
  • Nap in Hyde Park
  • Still on the hunt for an egg cup. 
  • The Underground? Easy peasy. After the New York Subway, though, anything is a breeze. Fact.
Not to worry, pictures and expanded stories to follow, but with limited internet access all I could manage today was this little teaser. Stay tuned for more details!

Additionally, on the trip I'm trying out the Six Items or Less experiment while we're on our trip. One pair of pants, one white shirt, one black, one scarf dress, two cardigans. So far, so good!

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