Tuesday, August 3, 2010

letters to camp (matt webb)

More pen-pal letters! A few weeks ago I sent my friend Matt Webb a letter at camp (the first one he'd ever received at camp—ever!) and he's been sending me letters back. One of the great things about being a pen-pal with an artist? The letters themselves are works of art.

The envelope. The "currfully" part is funny because Matt is from Tennessee.
Secretly in code but awesome looking! Can you figure it out...?
And bonus secret fold-out letter on the side. Amazing!
My response letter: a mini book! (Shocking, I know.)
I made it Insta-Book style with a secret nature scene inside.
Honestly, Matt's letter was so amazing when I just saw the envelope I got so excited I shook a little. Fact. Hopefully mine can make him a little happy, too.


Autumn Lynn said...

Those are really awesome. I don't see how you guys can be so artsy.

Claire Plimpton said...

hahahahaha i laughed at that currrfully thing. out loud. at work. i'm gonna be saying that all day. erry day.