Saturday, July 17, 2010

the land of corn

I bought a notebook at the Iowa Book Festival today and here is some of what I wrote:
Sitting on the grass at the Iowa Book Festival, listening to the all-female band the Awful Purdies and wondering if I will ever be as indie as they are. Haha.

Aaron Hartley {son of the neighbors with whom I'm staying this weekend} came home for the weekend today and he was nice enough to help me lug a bunch of furniture into the purple house {the house I'll be moving into} today.We went to Stuff Etc, a local consignment shop, where they were fortuitously having a 50%-80% off everything sale, one-day only. I bought a coffee table, a dining room table with 2 leaves, a crate to use as a bedside table, two other crates to use as shelves, and a large silver frame, all for $36.92: the original price of the dinning room table was $39.99: no big deal. Then on the way back to the house we spotted a blue couch on the side of the road that we snagged for free. Uhm, yes. Dear Aaron, who I had only met this morning, was so nice and helpful and all in all quite a man. Basically, the entire Hartley family is amazing and I am pretty stoked that they are going to be my new neighbors. Tonight I'm going to make homemade pizza and chocolate chip cookies to thank the family for being so amazing.

Last night I was so anxious to just get things done that it took me about an hour of lying in bed before I actually fell asleep. Fortunately today has been super productive in terms of schooling and housekeeping and adventure and at this moment I am content. I feel so good about Iowa and Iowa City and living in Jacquie's house and making new friends and going to the University of Iowa and studying book arts and library science and learning!

The purple house that will soon be my new home!
(It's like the Pink House, all grown up!)
The coffee table, with the blue street couch in the background.
The dining room table sans the extra two leaves.
Don't worry, there aren't any chairs to go with it, but I'll figure something out...

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