Thursday, February 18, 2010

c, eh?, n, eh?, d, eh?

Today the dad, the brother, the uncle and I went to the Canadian/Switzerland hockey game. It was surprisingly intense! Word on the street was that the Swiss weren't supposed to be that good, but they gave us a run for our money. Our colorful, Canadian money. We scored the first goal, then before we knew it it was tied, 2-2. What?! On our way to the game we all guessed what we thought the score would be, and only Carter guessed that the Swiss would score 2 goals, and all of us had the Canadians scoring at least 4 goals. How wrong we were. It went into an overtime shoot out and it took until the 4th round of shots on goal before the Canadians scored a goal and when the Swiss missed theirs the game was finally ours! Go Canada Go!

There were a couple of Swiss guys sitting at the end of our row and they would chant something about Switzerland and then my dad and uncle would start to chant, "Swiss cheese! Swiss cheese!" It made me laugh. Canadian fans are pretty nice, unsurprisingly I guess. There were really more derogatory remarks made about the US than the Swiss during the game, at least in our section. And even then when the lady next to me, who was from Detroit, turned around and asked the guys behind to be nice about the US because she and her boyfriend were there to cheer for Canada that night, the worst of the comments stopped for the rest of the game. Kinda cool to know that there are still people out there who are considerate of others, even in a sports arena.

PS Please note the fact that my uncle is waving a giant Canadian flag mounted on a hockey stick and my grandma's (his mum's) sparkly, sequined hat. Amazing.

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Sydney Vivian Lambson said...

girl, I did not know you were going to the olympics. THat is sooo awesome. So awesome. I tried to sing the canada national anthem, i only know the first few words