Friday, December 11, 2009

kansas city...there i was...

Went to Kansas City! Visited two of my most favorite people, Ashley and Rob Lugo, and met up with my loverly boyfriend Jace Face and had a fantastic week! It was finals for Ashley and Rob (who are at art school for photo and ceramics respectively) so we got to go to their end of the semester art show which was awesome! Rob sold one of his pieces (maybe two? I can't remember now...) and another of his pieces was accepted into the school's permanent collection. Yeah, some students spend their whole academic careers hoping for that and Rob achieved it his very first semester. No big deal.

We also went ice skating, ate delicious food, watched a plethora of movies, and best friended one of the cutest dogs ever, Calvin.

Fun facts about the trip:
  • Not all couches are created equal in terms of sleeping comfort and levels of coziness.
  • I want to go to art school so bad and major in everything.
  • Jace always picks lame movies. Also Angelina Jolie is really good at hacking computers.
  • The quilt with my quilt square was not done yet but is still in the works—all the squares were completed in June...
  • Brookstone has a jewelry/eye glasses cleaning machine that makes really scary noises and you think it's going to break your glasses by putting them in there and although they are shiny afterwards it is unclear if that is because of the machine or the water in the machine that you set your glasses in to get them cleaned. You have been warned.
  • I still am finding dog hair (not Calvin's) in my clothes.
  • I only took two pictures the whole trip. The important thing is that we look really hot. In both of them.

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clarence pimptown said...

i'm just gonna say two things:
you should have gone to art school.
and i hope my square touches your square on the quilt.