Sunday, November 1, 2009


Today is halloween. They don't really celebrate it down here, so we had our own little celebration in the house. Nigel organized it and she did an awesome job! (I will simplify it as there were many steps and they are not really important to the main point of the whole story which is that my team won.)

We were split up into 3 teams and each team was given 2 random household props that we were instructed to incorporate into a costume. We were also given $5.35 which we needed to spend exactly to buy other things to make our costume. The first team home and in costume won! We had a plunger and a mini white christmas tree and we decided to do the Statue of Liberty. We ran down the street, bought a roll of tin foil and a notebook, then stopped at the corner store to buy one bag of chips, 4 orange creamcicles, and 2 small chocolates to reach our $5.35 requirement, then ran home. We were the first to arrive AND the first ones done with our costume. We taped the tree to the plunger, made a crown out of a styrofoam plate, covered it all in tinfoil, including a tin foil toga and wha-bam! Statue of Liberty in our dining room. (PS I am particularly proud of the crown as I made it.)

Even though this is the first halloween I think ever that I haven't dressed up, I still had a really good time. Best. Activity. Ever.

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