Thursday, October 8, 2009

the epidemic continues

People are still sick. So it was decreed that everyone—even those of us who are not puking or pooping our guts out—would stay home this afternoon and rest instead of going to shift. That means that, along with eating bananas, white toast with honey, and yogurt, we watched movies.

My favorite movie of the night was "Away We Go." It has John Krasinski in it, so I was already predisposed to love it, and I was not disappointed. It's all about this couple who is expecting a baby and they are trying to figure out where to raise their child. The travel all around the country visiting friends and family trying to decided if they want to move to any of those places. What it really ends up being, however, is the search for a family whose life they want to base their own off of. Eventually, of course, they realize that the only life they can live is their own and nobody else's lives or life decisions have to affect or influence the decisions they make about their own future together. Their story has not yet been written—only they can choose their own destiny. You know, all of that. It was fantastic. Aside from the f word and the awkward sex scene at the beginning it was a winner in my book. Why do movies always have to have those scenes in them that make them "So great! Oh, except for that one part..."? One day I will teach myself how to edit movies and then I will have a library free of such awkward scenage. One day.


Clarence Pimptown said...

oh my gooooooooosh.

i've wanted to see that for so long. i'm glad you got to watch it.
(that was very selfless of me)
saw buck dave today.

Maria said...

steve and i are on a movies-about-pregnant-people binge right now, and we just watched away we go. i liked it because they think they are better than everyone they meet, and i think steve and i are better than them, so that made me feel good.