Sunday, September 6, 2009


I went to the handicapped (and by handicapped I mean "differently abled") orphanage today! I was a little nervous about it because I've never worked with kids like that before, but it was actually awesome. I worked this shift with my roommate Cortney who is the "mom" at that site and I think that is what made a huge difference. (I've worked at some other sites with girls who are not as informative or excited and I tell you what those sites were not as fun.) I was there in the afternoon so all we did was help put them in their chairs after their nap, took them for walks around the orphanage grounds, then did an activity with them (we painted their feet and printed them on a sheet with their names), helped feed them dinner, changed their diapers and put them in their pjs. The people working there take super good care of the kids and you can just tell that you love them—that was my favorite part.

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