Thursday, May 21, 2009

the whole world is getting married

Today Dani, my roommate in Spain, got married. I couldn't make it to the reception which is silly because it was just up in Salt Lake, but I just couldn't justify a 3-4 hour trip tonight. I'm sad because I haven't seen her since the summer and I just love her.

My favorite Dani/Nate memory is from when we were in Spain. She was chatting on Skype with Nate and talking about how she was concerned about finding housing for the fall since she was in Spain and wasn't able to look for or sign any contracts until she got home. To which he replied, "Well, we could live together..." He was clearly joking but she was caught completely off guard and didn't know what to do. She just sat there in silence, speechless, until Nate broke the silence by changing the subject. Well guess what? Now they will be living together. He tricked her good.

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Autumn said...

That's cute :). A ton of people are getting married right now (which is very happy) so I've been trying to figure out how many wedding receptions I have on my schedule this summer. Sounds like you've already had a boat full.