Friday, May 8, 2009

i live in a house with a mouse

I live in a house. A pink house. And I love it. I love it so much I once took a picture of it (see above) and made it into a postcard and sent it to my friend who is on her mission in Portugal. I was inspired by her postcard to me from the MTC of the MTC flag poles. There was a little blurb on the back with information about what their significance and stuff. Stephanie and I wrote a little blurb about the Pink House but I cannot now remember exactly what we said. Something about how it is the home of the famous Cassandra and formerly the home of the Stephanie. Also other things that were more clever.

My friend Suzanna also lives in a house. It is not pink. I also love it. She has some fantastic wall paper that I secretly and not so secretly covet. She also starred in a fantastic movie with other kids in her FHE group in which you can see her sexy self, fantastic acting skills, and beautiful aforementioned wallpaper. There is also a rather attractive male counterpart who I happened to recognize from my freshman year. What?! The world is so small.

On a completely different note, I randomly watched a trailer for this new movie $9.99 today. I want to see it very much but it is rated R for language and brief sexuality and nudity. What? It is claymation. Nobody wants to see clay figures having sex. Nobody.

So this movie is based on the short stories of Etgar Keret which I think is awesome not because I've read them (I haven't and the BYU Library's only copy of one of his many books is checked out until September. What?!) but because I am in a literature and film class right now and I just learned that about 60% of movies made are based on literature. 60%! That's a lot. It's pretty interesting to think about because movies and books are not the same at all, and we talk about that in the class—how there are certain things that are inherently literary about literature and things that are cinematic about movies that just don't cross over. That means that there are some things that books do that movies can't—they just can't. But it also means that there are things that movies can do that books can't. Think about it. It'll blow your mind.

Also I may or may not have but definitely did purchase the soundtrack for this movie today. I think it is the new soundtrack of my life.

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