Sunday, April 26, 2009


Towns in Utah have names that seem normal but are really weird. Like Salina (pronounced like Saliva) and Scipio (pronounced like Sip-e-o). I think they are trying way too hard to be different. 

But, there are some great things about towns with weird names.
 Like sometime they have stores called Burns Saddlery where you maybe buy a vest and share it amongst the four of you. 

And sometimes they have restaurants called Famous Mom's Cafe where famous people like Chuck Yeager have eaten. But sometimes they also have creepy little shops that smell like cigarettes and the walls are covered in hand prints and the owner just stares creepily at you the whole time you're there and you're glad there are four of you there all together instead of just one of you. 

Also sometimes it rains the whole time you are there. 

But always it is worth the trip because you have drawn fake mustaches on your fingers and purchased a Bruce-like vest and drawn up a list of rules (numbers 1 through star) regarding the keeping and sharing of the vest that will dictate the manner in which you will be connected forever. Or, at the very least, for the next 4 months.


Sydney Vivian Lambson said...

oh like the sisterhood... is that why you said that?

Cassandra said...

Exactly like the sisterhood. Except it is the Sister and Brendanhood.

chaela mcdonald said...

don't forget about Tooele and Hurricane.

Brendanhood. I like it. It's funny.