Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Do you ever think that you are really funny but no one else seems to think that you are as funny as you think you are? This happens to me often. It used to happen to my brother Brinden all the time. A classic example: As a young child, Brinden enjoyed making up his own knock-knock jokes. He loved them. Usually he laughed so hard at the mere thought of the joke he had just crafted that he wouldn't even be able to tell the whole thing because he was laughing so hard. One I remember (or possibly mis-remember) went something like this:

"Knock knock."
"Who's there?"
"A lion who's in the bathtub with a cake on his head and then someone comes in and there are bubbles..." He trails off as his laughter increases from small giggles to body shaking gafaws (the sounds people make when laughing are quite hard to spell). As Brinden would laugh everyone else would just gaze at him with with looks of concerned wonder on their faces.

As Brinden has gotten older his jokes have gotten better. Like once at dinner he told us a story his friend had told him about a girl at a camp where she was a counselor. The camper was named Jessica, but preferred to be called Miss Shale (M-I-S-S, Shale). When he told the story and he quoted Jessica, excuse me, Miss Shale, he spoke in a fantastic black American accent that had everyone laughing. (It's not racist if that's how she talks—you know what I mean.) Then he continued to speak like that the whole rest of dinner. He is a crack up.

I guess I think of myself more as clever than funny. I like to say things that people have to think about for a second before they laugh. Sometimes I explain the joke and I think that's really funny ("Get it? Because Bruce wears a vest.") but usually I'm the only one that laughs at that part. Karim says that my dad and I tell smart people jokes. She doesn't usually get them so what does that say? 

Fun fact: if someone says something that you don't think is funny but was supposed to be, you can fake laugh like so: ar ar ar or op op op. (Although, I must say that some people find it offensive. I myself find it regular, says Megan.)

Sometimes when I am walking home alone I think back on my day and, in remembering something I either said that was funny or should have said that would have been funny, I smile really big and laugh out loud and I wonder if anyone thinks I am crazy. I know that Steph would because everything is better if you pretend that everyone you see is a member of an insane asylum. You should really try it.


Sydney Vivian Lambson said...

sometimes when i read your blog i actually get jeaolous by all the times you reference chaeala, because i think 'hey! i'm your roommate too!' and you don't have a link to my blog under your 'historical documents' section. low blow. but then i think, would I really want to be referenced as being offended or mispronouncing a desert for a weird disease? not really. next time you have something nice to say you should mos def reference me. just saying...

Cassandra said...

Note: You also don't have a link to my blog on your blog. But I will be the bigger person. As in better, not fatter. You know. I'll be on the lookout for something nice to say in which I can mention your name. So stay posted.

steph goodson said...

hahahahaha this blog made me laugh a lot a lot. also yes, everyone really should try to imagine everyone in an insane asylum, it just makes everything better and people actually look very crazy. oh man, hilarious. i love you cassi and I love that we share a similar sense of humor. awesome!

also i love your fake laugh. oh man, i am laughing quite hard and my roommate thinks i'm crazy which is fine because I actually am and should be in bed. hmmm, what? yes.

Clarence Pimptown said...

"it's not racist if that's how she talks- you know what i mean."
HA! that is funny. and so true. also, tonight my friend paul was over and saw this quote on the quote wall that says "yeah. i know a black guy." which i actually didn't say, but i got paranoid that i had for a second.