Friday, April 3, 2009


This weekend I am attending two conferences in Salt Lake City. The first is 100 Years of Richard Wright. My African American Literature professor Dr. Gloria Cronin (one of the most intelligent people I know) helped to organize it and encouraged me and my classmates to attend and a few of us brave souls took her up on it—one kid even presented a paper! (And it was awesome.) What have I learned so far? That everyone in my African American Lit class who came to the conference is way smarter than me. Also that sitting for long periods of time can be one of the most tiring things I've ever done.

The second conference is the LDS General Conference. Somehow since I've been out at BYU I've managed to attend at least one session of conference in the Conference Center every year. This is pretty remarkable for several reasons: 1) everyone wants to go and tickets are not sold, just distributed, so you have to know someone who has them to get in; 2) I have not once sought out these tickets; 3) I've gone with different people every time. In conclusion? I have friends in high places.


Anonymous said...

This was just what I needed today, to laugh a little. Thanks for creating a lovely diversion. I'm adopting alchemy for home. Any bets on what John's response will be?
I love you - Aunt Deb

steph goodson said...

I love this. Also I love that your blog is called we live in the future. I said that to my roommates and they just argue and say that we live in the present...they don't understand. We really do live in the future, it's amazing. you're amazing.

Cassandra said...

Perhaps your roommates are stuck in the past—but that is still not the present. And they are wrong because we do live in the future. Man, they are way behind on a bunch a stuff.