Thursday, November 5, 2015

mistaken identity

I bought a horned melon at the grocery store tonight thinking that it was the same fruit I'd eaten when I was in Ecuador. It has seeds encased in weird, green, slime-like gel. Yum, right?! The texture wasn't at all like snot. Not. At. All. But, pretty much what I remembered.

Horned melon, courtesy of HyVee.
Later I got to wondering what the fruit was called in Ecuador because "horned melon" didn't sound familiar. So I looked it up on my blog and, sure enough, it was not called a horned melon. But, that's because it was not a horned melon. The fruit I was remembering is actually a granadia. Which is not Spanish for "horned melon," but is in fact a fruit in its own right. And, is not even spiky. Good one, self.

But it was fun looking through my blog again and reading all about my adventures. I actually made myself laugh out loud. 

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