Tuesday, December 30, 2014

numero quatro

Don't be deceived: he actually hates snuggling.
So we did it. We got little Trapper. We renamed him Lisek because a) all our dogs' names start with "L" and b) it means "little fox" in Polish (and as we've established, he looks like a lil' fox).

He's been a great addition to the pack. He's super chill and what Braed and I call a "low impact, high reward" pup. Since he's so old his energy level is pretty low, which means he does a lot of laying around in different parts of the house.

In front of the stove.

At the foot of the bed.

On top of clean laundry, because, why not?
 But he also has secret old man energy, especially when it comes to food. The reason he's such a chunkster is now clear to us. The first week we had him he figured out how to knock down the containers of the other dogs' dry food (remember, he has no teeth so he only eats canned food) and found him down in the basement sniffing around in their kibble trying to gum it down.

At night we don't keep him in a kennel like we do with the other pups (we tried it the first few nights and he would wake up at about 2 am and bark for an hour) and at night he'll wander around the house a little. One night Braeden woke up to him trying to knock over our puppy basket tower to get at the sealed treat bag he knew was up there. None of other other dogs have ever done that, not even our wiliest Liza pup.

He's not the snuggliest pup (that award goes to Lilly for sure) but he does love head scratches and if you stop scratching him he'll nuzzle your hand back on to his head to let you know he's still into it. Sometimes he and Lilly will play together and while she's our strongest dog for sure she's super gentle with him and it's cute to see them pawing and waving their open mouths at each other, his just empty gums and hers full of strong teeth. And, if Lilly ever does get a little too aggressive in her play Liza is always right there to jump in and save Lisek. I really love how our little pack has expanded to accept him into it.

Basically, we just love this little guy and can't remember a time when he wasn't with us. He's such a sweety and when we're out in the yard and he gets all revved up into a little trot while the other pups zoom around, it's basically the best ever.

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