Monday, June 7, 2010

i made you a beard

Several months ago I somehow discovered this amazing etsy shop run by this woman named Erin Dollar; she sells handmade yarn beards. Since that time I have deeply coveted one of these beards, though never been able to justify buying myself one. However, I recently learned through Erin's blog that she will be moving soon and that this move will mark the end of her beard making days. I can tell you that my heart literally stopped beating momentarily. My dreams of one day owning a fabulous beard of my very own may be shattered forever. So now I ask you: do I give in and buy a crazy beard for my very self that I may never wear except perhaps at Halloween and maybe in the dead of Iowa winters to keep my face from freezing and forever be known as the crazy bearded lady OR do I admit that as with all good things, this too must end and simply enjoy and appreciate Erin Dollar and all that she has done for my appreciation of beards everywhere?

Perhaps this is a question best pondered at a time earlier than midnight and on a day post-GRE testing (that would be after Thursday, folks)... However, it is clearly a decision I must wrestle with. (If I do get a beard, what color do I even get? There are so many fabulous ones. See for yourself!)


Anonymous said...

I say do it. Get the beard! It would be perfect for Ronald foster...and it would complete me. Also then you would be the coolest. But wait, how much does one cost? This is what your dear friend Harold thinks.

Claire Plimpton said...

cassi. you know if you don't, you will always regret it. DO IT.