Monday, May 24, 2010

project #16: map cards

I recently purchased an amazing traffic report stamp set on Etsy from seller WhitesHaven. I am in love with them! ("The Forbes Accident Report shows all the details plainly.") And, continuing with the map theme from yesterday, I stamped them on some cards I made out of pages from a tiny atlas Matt found at the dump for me. Yes. Fact.

I am a big fan of using natural features of found paper in the final product. I once made a journal for my dad using paper from a spiral bound sketchbook and instead of ripping the pages out and cutting off the rough edges, I unwound the plastic spiral and used the holes left over as a decorative feature. Keeping in that vein, I unhooked these pages from their plastic binding so that the rectangular holes left behind could be a decorative border along one edge.

On each card I picked a fairly long road and stamped the cars along it, making it look like maybe they are driving on that road on a journey full of adventure! There is a lovely arrow that points the way of their travel to parts unknown. I stamped both the front and back of the cards so that you can decide which side you want to be the front.

I also lined each card with graph paper (the maps were just too dark and dense to allow for writing on them directly) so you can decide if you want your card to open up and down, or side to side. Graph paper is one of my favorite types of lined paper and it never ceases to amaze me.

I made ten of these lovely little cards, but I've got plenty of pages left to make more. Now all I need to do is figure out what to do about envelopes...

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