Tuesday, May 18, 2010

project #14: reusable lunch bag

This project has been on my To-Do list for over 2 months. I first saw the tutorial for it online who knows how long ago and ordered the oil cloth fabric for it at the end of February. I have enough to make like 10 or something, but this is numero uno. The idea is that this fabric is sturdy and water proof so that it'll make a great reusable lunch bag. It's better than those insulated ones because a) it's lighter-weight, b) I made it myself!

The bag in the tutorial has the wrong side of the fabric inside, but I didn't like how that looked, so I doubled the fabric so that it was the same inside and out. I used some olive green thread as a contrasting color because I liked how it looked and I didn't want to be bogged down trying to find the perfect yellow match. The tutorial bag also used a zig-zag stitch which I am really not a fan of: I think it makes everything look amateurish. (My stuff doesn't need any more help with that, thank you very much.)

As you can see, the bag itself is a little oblong and not symmetrical. I'm not exactly sure how that happened, but I'm not super worried about it since it's just for personal use. Also it's a lunch bag.

Here's the bottom. It's also a little uneven: you can see that the right seam is longer than the left one. Again, not exactly sure how that happened other than inexact measurements. The oil cloth is hard to cut exactly right because it's so slippery so measurements and cuts weren't quite as perfect as they could have been.

Maybe when I make a few more I'll figure out how to take care of those inconsistencies...

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