Sunday, April 18, 2010

no, cassi's not in the computer

Today I chatted with my favorite pie-faced cousin and her amazing children! They were extremely excited to see me, though they were a little confused about how the whole video chat thing worked. (I blew a bubble with my gum—basically their main reason for loving me is my bubble blowing abilities—and they tried to pop in by poking the computer screen. Not exactly ideal...) They were super cute though and made me remember why I love my family so much. Tate spent most of the video chat with his face as close to mine on the computer screen as possible, as seen by the photo where only the top of his head is visible. Note the concerned expressions on both mine and Treva's faces. Haha. Oh secret candid pictures. Anna kept telling me that she was going to throw her Polly Pocket at me. (They really do love me, I promise!)

Anyway, one of Treva's main requests was that I blog more, and I thought, What better time than the present? So, Treva, this one's for you!

And now I'm off to make some more books! (I wasn't lying about having to do that project, Treva, I promise!)

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