Thursday, November 5, 2009

six things

Great things about today:
  1. Johanna's projectile vomit which I successfully evaded by dancing away from it like cartoon characters when someone is shooting at their feet.
  2. Alísia's impression of me jumping away from aforementioned projectile vomit.
  3. Davíd's crooked smile and whirling eyes when we spun him around and around and around in the bouncy chair.
  4. Nigel frantically pushing one and a half year old Julían to the floor when she heard him making the pre-vomit coughing sound because she thought he was going to vomit on her...which he almost did.
  5. Julían clapping and saying "Bravo!" after us volunteers finished singing the Barney Song in Spanish very very very slowly (Te quiero yo, y tú a mí...).
  6. The bracelet Mercy made and gave to me.
All in all a great time had by all. Especially those of us who escaped projectile vomit.

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