Saturday, June 6, 2009

this is why i love stephanie

This is an email that Stephanie sent me today:

here are two funny stories that happened to me the other day:

1) so when my cousin was in the hospital getting his femur bone all fixed and his parents were with him I thought it was a good idea to clean the kitchen so when they got home it would be all clean. Anyway, so I had just swept and mopped the floor and made some cookies and my cousin and i were enjoying these delicious peanut butter cookies with a glass of milk...then he spilled his cup on the floor and it went everywhere! hahaha it looked like he dropped the whole gallon. It was so funny! oh man, hilarious. I did a bad job of explaining the story but it was funny.

2) Then that same day a different cousin, Luke, and I went out to go feed the calves their bottles of milk. We filled the bottles up and put them in a basket and on a four wheeler like we always do. But I wasn't quite on all the way when he started going and turned a very sharp corner. In an effort to save the milk I pushed the carton back on the 4-wheeler but then I went flying off. I thought he noticed and I was just laughing so hard because it was so funny. But he didn't notice and then drove off very fast and the milk fell off and went flying everywhere and broke open. He looked back and said he was so surprised to see me all the way back near the house. hahahaha oh man, we just died laughing. He said he didn't notice at all and was just singing away. hahaha

a day of much laughter and spilt milk.

I love you cassi
and miss you more than the cookie misses milk


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Chester Elton said...

I love Stephanie because she has the most amazing smile!